sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Riders of the Apocalypse

"War, Plague, Starvation and Death"

The Evocation

"Hear our prayers Gods of Wrath, strike with swords of fire blood of man we've sacrificed Genocide invoked"


"You have given us power to rule, the power to take you away, hatred our food the spilled blood our wine, you made sure that you fed us well.
You've awaken us finally fools and offered us eternal reign, night and day we will turn into red and as we are here we will stay"

[Goddess of Fate:]

"So you've chosen and so it may be it finally comes to an end Man has chosen his own destiny in death you will now lay to rest"

Arrival of the Horsemen

I am War your truest god my presence you'll regard as nothing new

I am War your sacred muse but this time no one wins - you all will lose!

I am Plague your darkes fearI haunted you since early dawn of time

I am Plague your hated god in rotting flesh of humans you'll see me

I am Starvation your doom some of you have never met me yet

I am Starvation divine the new god to be known among your men

You have forgotten me...

Time to reunite.

I am Death your final breath I'm the one that strikes you from behind

I am Death, your most feared god invisible till you're already mine

You can't escape from me...In darkness we unite

War, Plague, Starvation and Death

Mortal troops march toward us they will struggle in vain war inventions, toys of war we're

above your tiny games




and Death.

Osea, puta madre, pinches Rancheros del Apocalipshit, ya tienen todas las señales y nomas no vienen a hacer su desmadre, que mas quieren ?? O sera que nos estan chingando quedito viviendo dentro de nosotros, no creo en ninguna religion pero se me hace interesante la version catolica del fin del mundo, aunque tiene mas cache y elegancia el Ragnarok, el Apocalipsis no deja de ser impresionante.

Que mierda se habra metido el wey ese que "vio" todo ese desmadre ? Que la pinche bestia, que los jinetes, que las trompetas, que los sellos, que la puta de Babilonia, que el pene de 7 cabezas. Pinche wey enfermo psicologicamente la neta.

Saludos a todos !!!

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